Idiotic Comment of the Day: Greens' Adam Bandt


Like all on the extreme environmental Left, Bandt inhabits a fantasy world where a country like Australia can simply stop using coal, like, today, and our entire economy will continue as normal, powered by, er, you know, solar and wind, right? Total f**kwit.

Mr Bandt said he was “stunned” to hear the state would potentially expand brown coal mining for both domestic use and export and vowed the Greens would try and block the move federally.

“The Premier, Ted Baillieu, is an environmental vandal and must be stopped,” the Melbourne MP told reporters in Canberra.

“It seems that the Government refuses to accept that coal causes climate change because if they accepted that they wouldn’t be taking this course of action,” he said. (source)

It’s good to see the Greens reminding everyone how disconnected they are from reality now and again. And also reminding voters that it is ecotards like him that are running the country, thanks to Julia’s grubby deal back in 2010.

Idiotic Comment of the Day: Fairfax's Jessica Irvine

Worthy winner

The Fairfax journalists’ training program works a treat:

LIES, damned lies and statistics. Many’s the poor statistic that has been tortured into yielding a false confession at the hands of a merciless interrogator.

Climate sceptics have turned such torture into an art form, picking point-to-point time comparisons to show a falling trend in global temperatures, focusing on ”outlier” cool years and redrawing trend lines on graphs. (source)

Funny how she conveniently forgets that its the warmists are the “merciless interrogators” that torture the data until it confesses – just ask Michael Mann, Phil Jones or James Hansen. It’s the sceptics that have to release the battered and weary data from the dungeon so they can finally tell their true story.

Actually, the hapless Irvine then has to concede that the correlation is not causation argument is correct. But don’t let that get in the way of a cheap smear against the filthy climate sceptics, right? That’s on page 1 of the Fairfax journalists’ manual.

Same ol’ same ol’.

Idiotic Comment of the Day: Ban Ki-moon


The UN Moonbat is on cracking form today in Durban, trying to scare world leaders (most of whom are preoccupied with keeping their economies solvent) into taking utterly futile and eye-wateringly expensive action on climate change. Fortunately, there is little chance of that:

“It would be difficult to overstate the gravity of this moment,” Mr Ban said overnight at the start of a four-day meeting of the world’s environment ministers.

But somehow, Moonbat succeeds:

Without exaggeration, we can say: the future of our planet is at stake – people’s lives, the health of the global economy, the very survival of some nations.

Without exaggeration, that’s bullish*t. I humbly suggest that Mr Ban take a cold shower and read the Climategate 2.0 emails. He might learn something.


Idiotic Comment of the Day: Clive Hamilton

No picture, because it would sully my monitor

Another classic Hamilton rant on ABC’s The Drum (see here for a previous example). I seriously considered whether to give this [snip] any more oxygen, but then I couldn’t resist. It’s just too funny to pass up:

At last, the ABC has broadcast a program that accurately reflects the debate over climate science.

That is, a program in which a large body of eminent scientists with an overwhelming case built and tested carefully over many years using the best procedures of science meets a politically-motivated coterie of ratbags who manipulate the truth, endlessly repeat falsehoods, harass their opponents and grandstand at every opportunity.

Poor old Hamilton has missed the obvious irony of his desperate ravings, namely that “a politically motivated coterie of ragbags who manipulate the truth, endlessly repeat falsehoods and harass their opponents” is the perfect description of the IPCC.

Read the rest here – it’s hilarious.

Idiotic Comment of the Day: Rob Oakeshott

Can't count…

From The Australian:

Independent MP Rob Oakeshott, who backed Labor and its carbon tax plan, was unmoved by the huge levels of negative sentiment.

Asked whether he had backed the right horse, Mr Oakeshott told ABC Radio:

“That’s what it is for the next three years.

Last time I checked the next election will be in 2013, at most two years away (and with luck, much, much sooner). And then you, my friend, will be consigned once and for all to the dustbin of Australian political history.

Read it here.

Idiotic Comment of the Day: GetUp's Simon Sheikh

Hubris personified

Gotta hand it to GetUp – they breed an altogether different class of moonbat. Speaking at the Let’s Have a Carbon Tax Which Will Do Nothing For The Climate But Will Flush Our Economy Down The Drain rally today, Sheikh proclaimed, without a hint of irony:

“We are the last line of defence for Mother Nature.”

Yep. Planet’s been here 4.5 billion years, but only we (i.e. GetUp) can possibly save it. Other idiotic placards at the rent-a-crowd demo included:

“Price on pollution [sic]. Our kids are worth it.”

Actually the kids 30 generations away are worth it, if you believe Tim Flannery.

Read it here.

Idiotic Comment of the Day: Fidel Castro

Adding to the planet's carbon emissions

Only the Sydney Morning Herald and AFP would bother report the incoherent ramblings of this loony ex-dictator, who now pontificates on climate change:

His Friday address again raised the specter [sic] of nuclear war, calling for “the disappearance of nuclear weapons,” but Castro also sounded the alarm over climate change, which he said “threatens human existence.” (source)

Of course, Castro knows all about the spectre of nuclear war, thanks to his welcoming of commie nukes onto Cuban soil in the 1960s, which was far more of a threat to human existence than climate change ever will be…

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