Kangaroo-gate: scientists to breath-test sheep

More on the Kangaroo-gate saga, started by Ross Garnaut’s ill-informed suggestion that we should give up on beef and lamb and eat kangaroo instead, to cut down on methane emissions (or farts and belches as they are otherwise known). In order to counter this accusation, the Sheep Cooperative Research Centre is having to waste money (that would be better spent on something else) demonstrating that methane emissions from sheep are not significant enough to abandon sheep farming in Australia.

“It’s just a mask over the nostril-mouth area, as the animal breathes out. That air is then captured into a bladder, not too different from a football bladder.

“The animal is not in any distress … they don’t really object to it. [How can he be sure of that…? Ed]

It is very interesting to observe how an almost flippant comment has turned into a major story. Stay tuned for more Kangaroo-gate posts in the future!

Read it here.

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