Sydney Morning Herald – truth or fiction in Hollywood

A couple of particularly amusing lines which caught my attention in a Herald article about Hollywood’s incorporation of environmental issues, particularly “climate change”, in its many films. The director of Happy Feet, George Miller, opines:

“It’s not too long a bow to draw that in Titanic, one of the many elements … was environmental. The ship was metaphorically the most powerful, most advanced, most privileged ship – a microcosm of the world with the rich and the poor who were all on this great ark – and, because of hubris, it was brought down. You don’t have to dig too deep to see the environmental analogy in the most successful film of all time.”

The planet exacts its revenge on the evils of humanity by carefully positioning an iceberg in the path of an oncoming ship. If nature were to attempt the same trick today, it may find it would have to look harder to find icebergs lying around, of course!

And my favourite:

Two years ago the Oscar-winning documentary An Inconvenient Truth became a rare film for literally changing the world by inspiring political and social change. But can a fictional movie have a similar impact?

Apart from the dubious claim that it “changed the world”, An Inconvenient Truth was fiction…

Read it here.

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