One crazy religion on another crazy religion – Part 2

The article yesterday about the Archbishop of Melbourne weighing in on climate change has been followed up by an article in the UK Church Times (thanks to Skeptics Global Warming):

“There are ways to reduce emissions, and Churches can contribute to solutions by proposing changes in lifestyle and behaviour patterns. We must look to reduce our greenhouse-gas emissions by around 95 per cent.”

In its final communiqué, the assembly said that acting against climate change was “a sign that Christ the Word of God comes into the world to give life and not death, and our appointed task is to preach this good news to all creation. The roots of human destruction of the environment are to be found not just in actions, but in our most deep-seated attitudes.”

I suppose it’s only a small step from Archbishop Gore of the Church of Global Warming preaching the word of AIT, to the Church of England preaching that it is part of God’s work that we should fight “climate change”. Read it here.

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