GG speaks out on climate change

Why would she do that, unless she had no idea whatsoever of the role she has accepted? She’s the Queen’s representative in Australia, and therefore above politics, but here she is, helping none other than Ross Garnaut, launch the book version of his report – a highly political document prepared for the Labor Government.

Recently appointed governor-general Quentin Bryce, who introduced Professor Garnaut at the launch, called on all Australians to get involved in the issue.

“I invite all Australians to be a part of the most important conversation we will ever have,” the governor-general said.

We’re always happy to have a conversation, it’s the alarmists that say the debate is over.

“We have an obligation as a public officer to endeavour to understand the human face of hardship and suffering, the private dimension to widespread crisis.”

We have an obligation as a public officer” – is that the royal “we” in use there? I think she’s getting a bit above herself… Read the rule book again, please Ms Bryce.

Read it here.

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