Herald Sun – Bulldozers through the wreckage

Terry McCrann, in today’s Herald Sun, has to spell out the blindingly obvious yet again (because no-one in government seems to get it, no matter how many times it is repeated). He describes the two delusions of Wong and Garnaut: first, that, despite the global economic crisis, nothing has changed in the climate change world (it certainly has, and the climate change agenda should change to match it), and second, that Australia should “go it alone”:

That was always a bad idea when the world economy was turning over in relatively good shape and China faced an endless boom that would pour money into Australia. We could afford to give up a little of our boundless prosperity for the good of the planet and to discharge our ‘moral duty’. However pointlessly.

Now it is quite simply both madness and irresponsible. Going it alone, to achieve precisely nothing, while putting the bulldozers through an already damaged economy.

Climate sense in a seriously deranged world. Read it all here.

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