Climate news stories decreasing?

It’s only anecdotal, but climate change news items appear to have dropped significantly over the past few days, with the number of stories in the news feeds today down by nearly 30% on last week.

This is intriguing, because you would have thought that if “climate change” was really the biggest challenge to mankind in all of human history, as Rudd, Wong, Garnaut etc. lead us to believe it is, the trifling matter of a temporary economic meltdown should have little or no effect on the media’s coverage of it. But the reality, however, is that even the mainstream media are finding it hard to justify taking up valuable column-inches on climate stories in the midst of the global financial crisis.

Let’s look out for even more desperate soundbites from Wong & Garnaut in the days ahead, as they struggle to keep their pet issue at the forefront!

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