UPDATED: Zoos to "save animals from climate change"

Much cuddlier than a frog…

An international conference of 300 wildlife, zoo and conservation leaders in Adelaide (carbon footprint the size of an elephant’s backside) has resolved to make zoos a key part of saving the world’s animals from climate change caused by evil humanity, reports the ABC with picture of cute, cuddly tiger cub for effect.

“Zoos are providing these sanctuaries already for frogs, frogs going through the largest mass extinction since the dinosaurs and zoos and other organisations are doing their best to prevent it being as big an extinction as it could be.”

There should have been a photo of a frog… no, hang on, not cuddly enough…

UPDATE: Chris West of Adelaide Zoo compares “climate change” to Apocalypse:

“But now climate change is looming as a huge new horseman of the apocalypse, whose impact threatens to dwarf that of all the others.

Read it here.

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