Victoria – "climate change" causes disease

Cliché of the Week Award: Victoria’s Department of Human Services has commissioned its investigation into the extent to which Victorians’ health will be affected by climate change, amid warnings that it could lead to “heat-related illness”, mosquito-borne viruses, food poisoning and depression (I assume the depression comes from reading acres of alarmist nonsense in The Age):

“Severe heatwaves in Europe have caused deaths in recent years, and we are keen to be well prepared for the impacts that climate change may have upon public health and the challenges it may bring,” DHS spokesman Bram Alexander said.

“Climate change could have varying impacts on public health in different parts of Victoria. Regions like Mildura may need a different approach to that in South Gippsland.”

The investigation was likely to run for several years

… and cost millions of dollars of Victorian taxpayers’ money.

Read it here.

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