SMH goes into alarmist/greenie overdrive

The Moonbat Herald is falling over itself with doom and gloom with a bit of sucking up to a radio presenter about his virtuous “green” habits. All deeply nauseating, but here we go anyway.

Firstly, the New South Wales Premier, Nathan Rees, has revealed himself to be an AGW alarmist (as we knew he would) by launching a scathing attack on former Treasurer, Michael Costa:

“Today, the science is in for Sydney,” Mr Rees said yesterday as he proclaimed the influence of the climate sceptic and former treasurer Michael Costa at an end in NSW.

“The Costa era of ambiguity around this issue is over. Along with the rest of the NSW public, I recognise that climate change is a reality and that the NSW Government needs to prepare for it,” the Premier said. “There is no longer a climate-change sceptic at the centre of government decision-making in this state”.

The rest of the NSW public? Don’t include me, mate. And no sceptics means no debate, which is just what every alarmist wants. To the poor voters of NSW, get rid of this hopeless government at the next election. Then the SMH goes into full scaremonger mode, under the headline “Beaches will wash away”:

By 2050, most of Sydney’s 150-odd major beaches will need thousands of tonnes of extra sand delivered by truck to survive in anything like their current condition, experts believe.

The projected sea level rise of up to 40 centimetres in the next four decades, revealed yesterday by the NSW Government, will change the city’s coastline.

40 cm in 40 years? Sea levels have been rising at 1 – 2 mm per year since the last Ice Age, and are showing no appreciable signs of acceleration. But, as always, who cares about the facts when we can run an alarmist story that will sell more papers? And finally, Adam Spencer reveals his policitally correct greenie agenda in a sycophantic interview under the laughable headline “Use your legs and save the planet”. This guy does the breakfast show on ABC local radio in Sydney, and more worryingly has hosted science programmes as well.

Q. You hold a first-class honours degree in pure mathematics. What doesn’t add up to you when it comes to how leaders are dealing with global warming?

A. When I see the intransigence and half-heartedness with which many leaders are approaching this, I think, “Well, what would the figures need to be to get you to pull your finger out, pal?”

With first class honours in mathematics, he should have more of a clue about proper scientific enquiry and scepticism than he demonstrates. But then again, this is the Herald. I couldn’t imagine it getting published if he’d said, well, actually, I think there’s a bit of a debate to be had here. OK, thanks, we’ll leave it there… And there’s a “Global Warming” Alert too: didn’t that stop in 2001?

Q. What do you get the green guilts about?

A. I’m pretty happy with how my family runs its affairs environmentally. We are on 100 per cent GreenPower.

Read it here, here and here if you can bear it.

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