The Age – the future's green

A typical Age story – throw in some cheap climate alarmism, and then follow it up with how wonderful a new green economy would be, all of it without any link to reality. So, firstly the alarmism:

The evidence is compelling. Polar ice cores show carbon [dioxide? – Ed] in the atmosphere is at an 800,000-year high. Researchers calculate that within as little as 15-20 years we may reach a crucial tipping point when carbon in the atmosphere rises above 450 parts per million.

Beyond that point, global warming may become entirely self-sustaining and increasingly rapid. Time may well be running short.

Quick – run for the hills. And then follow the misty-eyed descriptions of the new green utopia:

Many are talking about launching stimulus packages to lessen the effect of the downturn. If they do so, they should view this as an historic opportunity to climate-proof their economies by focusing spending on green infrastructure and technologies. They may, for instance, boost energy security by improving renewables and clean-coal technology. In our view, energy efficiency has clear attractions to economies heading into recession. Infrastructure spending should be directed to climate- sensitive areas such as power grids, water, buildings and transport.

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