"Global warming" not happening at Sydney beach

Despite all the hysteria, an anecdotal report of sea temperatures at Balmoral Beach, Sydney, shows no sign of an increase, says the Sydney Morning Herald:

COME in, swimmer, the water’s wonderful. So says Stephen Wilson, and he should know.

Every day, just after dawn, he wades into the sea off Balmoral beach, takes its temperature and records it in a square of sand, at the foot of the fifth column of the esplanade wall to the left of the Raglan Street steps.

Yesterday’s temperature: 21.2 degrees. “Just right for the early morning regulars,” says Mr Wilson. “They prefer it between, say, 18 and 21. Anything lower is a bit coolish; anything above, the water feels sort of soupy.”

A typical summer high would be 24 degrees. The Balmoral figures do not support global warming theories. “In the last few years, the figures seem to be generally lower,” says Mr Wilson.

Ah yes, but James Hansen hasn’t had a chance to massage the figures yet…

Read it here.

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