SMH: "Poznan fizzles" – didn't I just say that yesterday?

The Sydney Morning Herald is mourning a predictably disappointing end to Poznan, with only a few technical projects agreed:

A CALL-TO-ARMS by former US vice-president Al Gore and a contentious European deal to cut its greenhouse emissions have overshadowed an anti-climactic finale to UN climate talks in Poland.

Critics said the talks made only tentative steps to a new global treaty.

Promised as a stepping stone towards a post-Kyoto climate deal to be signed in Copenhagen next year, the Poznan talks edged towards conclusion yesterday amid accusations that developed nations, including Australia, had blocked progress on greenhouse targets.

As expected, there was no deal on how to share the responsibility of cutting emissions even though developed countries acknowledged that scientists recommended cuts of between 25 and 40 per cent.

Al Gore’s appearance was described by AFP as “breathing fire into the talks”. The journos clearly haven’t seen this picture doing the rounds on the ‘net:

Read it here.

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