OT: Obama worship reaches crazy new heights

I hope Barack Obama has been practising his “walking on water” trick very hard, as it will be expected of him pretty soon when he finally takes office. That’s after he’s cured cancer, fixed up the world’s economy, achieved world peace … and all by March 1st!

What is more, the disappointment will be all the more intense when the US public realises, after maybe a year, maybe less, that he’s not divine, just another human being – a socialist/Marxist human being in fact, who will wreck the US economy, erode freedom of speech in an attempt to appease Islam, and plunge headlong into carbon trading schemes based on smoke and mirrors.

I’m sure I’m not alone in finding the adulation, hero-worship, and the almost religious devotion to the Obamessiah to be way over the top, and I have serious reservations about Obama’s prospects as President. There have been a hell of a lot of empty promises from a man who appears to be the archetypal style-over-substance victim.

And a lot of utter nonsense spouted, especially in relation to “climate change”. By appointing John Holdren (see here), a well known alarmist, as his science adviser, we can see where US policy in that area will be heading during the next four years.

The Age however cannot contain itself and gushes even more praise over “the one” under the headline “World can’t wait for Obama’s new era”, and gleefully trashes George W Bush’s record, describing him as one of the worst US presidents. I’m not even going to quote anything from it – it is nauseating, sycophantic tripe – in other words, typical Age fare.

Read it here (if you dare…)

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