Deluded GG urges "climate action"

OK, now I am sure that Quentin Bryce has lost the plot completely. Someone needs to sit her down, with a cup of milky tea, and explain just exactly what the role of Governor General is, because she clearly hasn’t a clue. It is certainly not to act as a shill for the climate change lobby and the Rudd government. Here are the words of former Governor General Michael Jeffery, which Bryce could do well to remember:

“One always tries to throw in ideas or suggestions without treading on any political toes because as a Governor-General you simply can’t do that,” he says. “It’s not your role to become controversial, to be agin the government or agin the opposition for that matter.” His job, he says, is “to help the machinery of government”, in the broadest sense. (Source)

Not Quentin Bryce, however, who blunders in, feet first, to one of the most political issues of our time, that of “climate change”, and reveals herself to be an out and out alarmist at a renewable energy conference:

“We all have the responsibility – to each other and to our children for generations to come – to prevent the potentially catastrophic effects of climate change,” Ms Bryce said.

“We must act swiftly, act smartly, and act together.”

Ms Bryce said climate change was partly to blame for Australia’s crippling drought. [No it isn’t, there were far worse droughts before “climate change” was fashionable – Ed]

She talked up her country’s efforts to tackle climate change.

Australia will play its full part in the global effort to make sure we seize that opportunity.”

All wrong in so many ways, but as GG, her words get reported and people take notice. Her role, like that of the Queen is primarily ceremonial and for her to get so involved in a deeply political issue is inappropriate in the extreme.

Read it here.

(h/t WipeOut)

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