Loony alarmism from Brisbane Times

Not surprising, given the writer is David Spratt, author of the über-alarmist publication “Climate Code Red” (with an accompanying website here), but as always, the Fairfax press will just parrot all of it without any thought.

And the target for CO2 is going down and down. Yesterday 450 ppm seemed to be the “required” level, now it’s down to 280 – 320 ppm – a level at which Western economies would cease to operate. But who cares about that when we’re saving the planet!!

Serious climate-change impacts are already happening, both more rapidly and at lower global temperature increases than projected. We have passed the tipping point for complete loss of the Arctic’s sea-ice in summer.

“The Arctic is often cited as the canary in the coalmine for climate warming, and now, as a sign of climate warming, the canary has died,” says Dr Jay Zwally, a NASA glaciologist.

The Arctic sea-ice is the first domino and it is falling fast. Other dominoes, including catastrophic levels of carbon release from warming permafrost in Siberia, are likely to fall unless we stop emitting greenhouse gases and cool the planet to get the Arctic sea-ice back.


Read it here.

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