Reports of Greenland Ice Sheet's demise premature

Another scientific article that won’t find its way into the mainstream media. Whenever a journal reports something catastrophic, the MSM can’t wait to print it, but unfortunately, that’s jornalism. Disasters sell. “Business as usual” doesn’t sell.

Last week’s Science included an article “Galloping Glaciers of Greenland Have Reined Themselves In” which demonstrates that the demise of the Greenland Ice Sheet has slowed considerably and that Al Gore’s hyperbole about a “tipping point” has been shown to be completely wrong.

The report’s author, Richard Kerr, puts it like this:

So much for Greenland ice’s Armageddon. “It has come to an end,” glaciologist Tavi Murray of Swansea University in the United Kingdom said during a session at the meeting. “There seems to have been a synchronous switch-off” of the speed-up, she said. Nearly everywhere around southeast Greenland, outlet glacier flows have returned to the levels of 2000. An increasingly warmer climate will no doubt eat away at the Greenland ice sheet for centuries, glaciologists say, but no one should be extrapolating the ice’s recent wild behavior into the future.

Read it here.

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