Climate nonsense from The Age

Anyone is entitled to plug the alarmist agenda in The Age, even war historians. When reading this, keep in mind that there has been no global warming since 2001:

ONE of the hardest things for Victorians to accept, is that these bushfires have signalled a new world order. Black Saturday confirmed the planet has now entered a new stage of its existence — the post global-warming period. If we are to survive as a species we need to use this benchmark to make essential changes.

Once [politicians] accept global warming is here, they can pioneer strategies banning forest settlements, enforcing clearing around houses and perfecting early warning systems and mandatory evacuation plans. It may be hard to accept very much reality but it would be irresponsible for our leaders not to redesign our future in light of global warming. Such vision would not only help residents but would honour those killed in action in these fires.

Historian Jonathan King’s most recent book was The Western Front Diaries, commemorating the 90th anniversary of the end of WWI.

Even assuming that “global warming” is taking place, I agree with one thing – adaptation is the key, not pointless emissions trading schemes.

Read it here.

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