ETS – Senate enquiry to go ahead

This is sort of good news, in the sense that at least the ETS will be subject to some parliamentary scrutiny. It’s also sort of bad news, because the Opposition and the Greens have joined forces and will probably try to replace it with something worse, to “out-green the Government”. As The Age reports:

Opposition emissions trading design spokesman Andrew Robb and Australian Greens climate change spokeswoman Christine Milne struck the deal on Monday.

The terms of reference will need to be ratified by the coalition’s Senate partyroom.

A new Senate select committee on climate policy would conduct the inquiry, to be chaired by the opposition and deputy chaired by the Greens.

“The terms of reference will be broad enough to allow a proper investigation into the scientific adequacy of the scheme and its targets,” Senator Milne said.

That last sentence is particularly worrying, because the inquiry will probably say that Rudd’s 5% by 2020 isn’t enough if you swallow all the IPCC propaganda and that we need something even tougher, heaven help us…

Read it here.

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