Climate madness from James Hansen

Old Homer Simpson look-a-like James Hansen has been spreading his own particular kind of putrid BS around Copenhagen, ending with the usual “it’s all happening faster than we thought, we must act now or else” spiel, as the Sydney Moonbat Herald reports:

Greenhouse gas emissions must be cut more quickly and deeply than thought only two years ago to avoid dire consequences [gee, there’s a surprise – Ed], and a straight-up carbon tax is the only realistic way to do it, top climate scientist [barking propagandist – Ed] James Hansen says.

New research paints an even gloomier picture of global warming [surely “climate change” – Ed] than the already grim report put out in early 2007 by the UN’s Nobel-winning scientific panel, he told AFP at the margins of a major climate conference.

Hansen’s argument is as simple as it is sobering: continuing to drain earth’s store of fossil fuels – oil, gas and coal – will lead humanity straight toward climate calamity.

Only an abrupt and profound change in the way we consume energy can stop the global warming juggernaut.

You all know the responses by now, so I don’t even have to write them!

Read it here.

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