Government tries to scupper ETS enquiry AGAIN

This time by giving would-be participants only a week to consider nearly 500 pages of complex legislation. And for the first time (and probably the last) I find myself agreeing with a previous winner of the ACM ICOTD gong:

The rushed timetable has united all sides of the divisive emissions trading debate in outrage.

Australian Industry Greenhouse Network chief executive Mike Hitchens said: “It is absolutely unreasonable to expect anyone to respond to 500 pages of complex legislation in this time.

John Connor, chief executive of The Climate Institute, said the timetable made the inquiry a joke. “It leaves no time for any substantive consideration,” he said.

“It can only encourage recycling of the submissions already prepared for the Garnaut inquiry. It will be submission Groundhog Day.”

Looks like the government have seriously got something to hide.

Read it here.

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