Australia feels the chill

Weather isn’t climate (as we all know) but the number of stories about extreme cold in the Northern hemisphere this last few months has been staggering (see here for a recent example). And now it appears the Southern hemisphere may be about to follow suit:

Parts of southeastern Australia are having their coldest nights since spring, colder than it’s been this early in the year since 2005 for some.

Temperatures are plummeting five to 10 degrees below average across parts of inland Victoria, the ACT and western, southern and central NSW due to clear skies and dry winds. Bega on the NSW South Coast dipped to 5.6 degrees early this morning, the coldest it’s been this early in the year in 15 years.

Do you think I should send this to Fairfax? What do you think they would make of it? The answer of course is nothing, because as it sayeth in the Holy Gospel according to Gore, extreme heat shalt be called global warming, but extreme cold shalt be called “just weather”.

Read it here.

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