Wong talks but won't negotiate

It must be really tough being Penny at the moment. On the one hand, she has to appear to want the ETS legislation to go through the Senate, while at the same time really wanting it to all fall over so she can stamp her foot, scream and shout and say “the Liberals did it! Deniers! Deniers!” and then quietly dropping it so that the Government can get on with more important things, like screwing up its response to the financial crisis…

Climate Change Minister Penny Wong says some critics would prefer no scheme at all if they cannot have their way. [Dead right – Ed]

“What they are actually doing is locking in continued emissions growth,” she told ABC Radio.

The government was being “highly consultative“, having met already with the Australian Greens and independent senators.

“So we are serious about engaging with the Senate about this issue,” Senator Wong said, adding the government was not at the point of negotiating legislation.

i.e. talk to the hand, ‘cos the face ain’t listenin’.

Read it here.

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