Fairfax Fantasy – "one in seven" took part in Earth Hour

That’s nearly a billion people, according to the Sydney Moonbat Herald:

ABOUT one person in every seven around the world is believed to have followed Sydney’s lead and switched off lights on Saturday night to call for stronger action against climate change.

Earth Hour has grown far beyond the expectations of its organiser, WWF Australia, in the year when nations must decide whether to commit to binding reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.

This is the foundation we needed to give political leaders a mandate to act on climate change, if they choose to take it,” said Earth Hour’s global director, Andy Ridley.

All complete BS, of course. The web is awash with before/during/after photos of Earth Hour, all looking remarkably, er, the same, such as this one in Times Square, New York:

Spot the one missing bulb (source)

And to add insult to injury, this whopper:

Half the population of Sydney again joined Earth Hour, which is supported by Fairfax Media, publisher of the Herald.

Andrew Bolt demolishes that by simply showing the electricity demand curves for Saturday which show no evidence of Earth Hour whatsoever …

The more the evidence shows no warming, no rising sea levels, no link to CO2 etc, the more desperate the enviro-headbangers get, and the more ludicrous their lies and distortions become. Expect worse in the future.

Read it here.

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