Fairytale Facts – "global warming" blamed for heat deaths

The models are hopeless, the climate is cooling, but still Fairytale-facts (formerly Fairfax) news continues to print alarmist stories by the sackload. The University of NSW has looked at the IPCC climate models (on which most western governments are basing their misguided climate policies), discovered that most of them were total crocks, then used those that were left to grudgingly concede that the temperature rise by the next century might by only 2 – 3 degrees. But guess what? No let up in the alarmism:

One of the authors, Andy Pitman, said the research should not be interpreted as diminishing the climate change problem for Australia. [Course not, gotta keep that funding bandwagon rollin’ – Ed] He said the study found the 2- to 3-degree temperature rise would generate even fiercer heatwaves than Victoria and South Australia had this year and would have a big impact on human health and the ability of societies to cope. “The lower figures are not as bad as 3 to 5 degrees but they’re still very bad and emphasise the need to aggressively cut greenhouse gases on a global scale,” Professor Pitman said.

The report then blamed the higher deaths in heatwaves on “global warming” (which stopped in 2001, and since when the earth has cooled…):

“What we are saying is that with global warming, those temperatures that are rare, like those in Melbourne, will be 3 degrees warmer,” Dr Pitman said. “That has really major impacts on infrastructure, power grids and human health.”

I there was me thinking it was because the moonbat premiers told people to keep their air-conditioners turned off to cut emissions…

Read it here.

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