Fairytale Facts – "global warming" will cause more heatwaves, deaths

A little Queen’s Birthday alarmism from The Age, to get your day off to a good start.

CLIMATE change is causing heatwave records to be smashed in ways that would have been considered fantasy just a few years ago, a leading climate scientist has warned [It’s still fantasy: Fairfax fantasy, that is – Ed].

Monash University’s Neville Nicholls [lead author of the Summary for Policymakers for IPCC WG1 assessment – so that says it all – Ed] said the increase in the number and severity of extremely hot summer days in Victoria was unprecedented, making it impossible to estimate accurately the impact it would have on people’s health. The State Government recently estimated 374 Victorians may have died because of extreme heat in the final week of January.

Climate change is happening now and will happen all through the rest of our lifetimes,” he told a State Government conference on adapting to climate change. [Unbelievably misleading comment from a “professor” of climate. Climate change has happened since the dawn of time and will continue happening until the sun swells up and swallows the earth whole in about 4.5 billion years – Ed]

As usual, the article refers to “records” four times, without ever pointing out that official “records” only go back to 1851, and in that year, even though the planet was emerging from the Little Ice Age, the temperature in Melbourne reached 47.2. And as for everything being faster, badder, bigger than our worst fears:

Read it here.

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