Tiny climate change protest in Sydney

Tiny given that this is the greatest threat to humanity since the dawn of time (© IPCC, Al Gore & James Hansen). The Sydney Moonbat Herald gushes with breathless admiration for the valiant climate warriors (i.e. the great unwashed):

Families, young children and elderly men and women were part of the 2000-strong rally, with protesters dressed in red, carrying banners and chanting loudly as they marched.

And we were then treated to some nauseating BS [outright falsehoods? – Ed] from NSW Greens MP Lee Rhiannon, a barking mad enviro-fundamentalist who clearly lives on another planet:

“The world is on red alert, urgent action is needed to rein in runaway climate change now,” Ms Rhiannon said. [Yeah, ‘cos clearly climate change is “runaway”, see here – Ed]

“The Prime Minister needs to recognise that baby steps is not what is needed, we need the giant leap to a zero emissions future. [Zero emissions, there’s a challenge. Everyone stop breathing right now, that cow over there, stop farting, and excuse me Mr Enormous Undersea Volcano, would you mind awfully not erupting and gushing billions of tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere, as it really isn’t very nice – Ed]

“We know that achieving that is not going to come with the carbon pollution reduction scheme – that’s a scam.” [Yep, but not for the reasons you think, dear – Ed]

And the last word is given to “the kids”, whom we are depriving of a future by our evil emission of greenhouse gasses (cue violin music):

One young child wrote: “Mr Rudd, save our world“.

Ha! Some hope, from a prime minister so desperate to “connect” with the working classes that he uses fake Ocker phrases like “fair shake of the sauce bottle“. Sick bags at the ready, and all together now…

Read it here.

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