Gore makes time to meet alarmist nobody

But strangely couldn’t find time to meet an elected Senator of the Australian parliament. Tim Mahar [who he? – Ed], who hails from the middle of nowhere, was granted an audience with Saint Al at the Asia Pacific Climate Change Conference in Melbourne a couple of weeks ago, whilst Steve Fielding was snubbed. Do you think it might be because Mr Mahar has swallowed Gore’s misrepresentations whole, and is a fully paid up member of the church of Global Warming Alarmism [surely “Climate Change Alarmism” – Ed], whereas Steve Fielding might ask a few tricky questions?

Here’s a sample of Mr Mahar’s arguments:

Imagine your child had a heart problem and nine out of 10 specialist said she needs surgery immediately or she will be severely disabled and may die. [And there is the glaring flaw in your mawkish argument – the earth is not heading for severe disability or death thanks to a gentle warming from the Little Ice Age, which has, since about 2001, ceased – Ed]

“However one said: ‘Let’s wait a while and see what happens’.”

“What would you do?”

“In fact, it is our children and grandchildren who are most at risk,” Mr Mahar said.

Much of the three-day conference involved working with Al Gore on the most recent developments in the science of climate change. [Al doesn’t give a fig about the science, he only cares about making big bucks out of carbon credits – Ed]

“It was disturbing to hear just how quickly the climate is changing,” he said.

“Extreme events here are droughts and fires, but other totally unprecedented events are happening all over the world [like thousands of records for cold being broken all over the northern hemisphere summer? – Ed].

“We can turn things around but it will require a huge change and urgent action.”

No wonder Al was happy to meet this guy.

Read it here.

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