Costello: "vigorous debate" on ETS required

Another blow for Malcolm Turnbull’s terminally wounded leadership. Peter Costello has defended Wilson Tuckey in his call for more open debate on the ETS:

“Wilson Tuckey is an enormously successful candidate in elections. He has enormous support in that electorate and he’s a highly intelligent person. I have not agreed with everything Wilson has said over the years, and over the years he has said some pretty funny things about me.

“But I’ll tell you this, he’s a very intelligent man.

“And I’ll make this point: that, when you go to Canberra … you are entitled to put your view in the partyroom. Nothing wrong with putting a view.”

Mr Costello said it was best that the views were agreed in the “forums of the Liberal Party” and it was best that “the members support that decision”.

“You’re there to represent your constituents and to bring a view,” he said. “And I think a vigorous debate never hurt any political party.

Read it here.

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