Senate votes down ETS

We knew it would happen, so no real surprise. What will be interesting is what happens next:

MALCOLM Turnbull has accused Climate Change Minister Penny Wong of “pedantic bloody-mindedness” after the emissions trading scheme was voted down by the Senate today.

“A few days ago we’d showed her a few alternatives that would make for a scheme that was greener, cheaper and smarter,” the Opposition Leader told ABC Radio, “and she just dismissed it out of hand.”

The Government and the Coaltion did not hold discussions over the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme bills although Senator Wong indicated earlier this week that the Government was open to talks.

“If Mr Turnbull puts up serious and credible amendments that have the support of his partyroom then I’m prepared to discuss them with him,” she said. “He has not.”

Mr Turnbull said the Opposition would “work through” amendments during the next few weeks and months but wanted to discuss their formation with the Government.

“If Penny Wong is saying she will not have any discussion with us until such time as we present formal, legislative amendments, then that will take some time,” Mr Turnbull said.

“This is really pedantic bloody-mindedness, stubbornness on her part.”

Read it here.

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