Alarmists chicken out of debate with Ian Plimer

Why would that be, I wonder? Maybe the alarmists think they’d lose, perhaps? I guess that’s the only possible conclusion we can draw seeing they won’t be there to defend themselves. Thanks to The Unbearable Nakedness of Climate Change:

I am not at all surprised that George Monbiot (and by inference, Gavin Schmidt) have lost their public (virtual) debate against Ian Plimer even before having a public (real) debate. That’s because:

  • I have been following Monbiot’s antics for quite some time, and have never been struck by the power of his at-times-downright-silly arguments
  • Likewise concerning Schmidt, a known debate (sore) loser
  • Skeptic vs. Climatechanger debates are few and far between, and not for the lack of willing skeptical debaters (one suspects, it’s because skeptics invariably win, just like against homeopathy practitioners, UFO believers, creationist/ID proponents, chemtrails counter-conspirators, etc etc)
  • Plimer is no debate spring chicken, once described as having a “street-fighting style

Why has Plimer won the debate? Because the end result is that Monbiot has refused to publicly debate with him. And in any sport, failure to show up automatically makes you a loser.

Funny, ain’t it? The science is so settled that alarmists won’t debate it. That’s not science, that’s religion.

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