Earthquakes linked to "climate change"

There is not a natural disaster on earth that cannot now be linked to “climate change”, in the alarmists desperation to keep the bandwagon rolling, as temperatures fall and more people begin to question the consensus on global warming. So it’s little surprise that the recent disaster in Samoa is being blamed on climate change:

AN 8.3 earthquake struck Samoa and set off tsunami warnings in the South Pacific. The people of the South Pacific islands have been more fortunate than the people of Indonesia, but these types of earthquakes and equally dangerous volcanoes are likely to increase in frequency worldwide, and the reason is climate change. Scientists are reporting that these events are unrelated, which very well may be true; however, as you will read below, there is a common denominator to the tectonic instability that is being witnessed. How can this be? As a sphere, the Earth “reflects” vibration internally, so that an earthquake in the South Pacific is picked up by seismologists across the world; say, in Alaska. The Indonesian quake resonated so strongly that it set off quakes in Alaska. (Samoa also had a 7.9 earthquake in March.)

Now, add this to the equation. In Greenland, and to a lesser extent, Antarctica, ice sheets and glaciers are melting and, more importantly, sliding in rapid bursts. [Are they? Show me the evidence, please – Ed] The result: each “slide” of these multi-tonne glaciers sets off an “ice quake” that registers an average of 3 to 5 on the Richter scale. This (may) sound minor, but these are occurring multiple times a year. This means that the Earth is being jolted repeatedly by these ice quakes, destabilising faults lines, which has many, many consequences.

The rest of the article reads like a catalogue of the alarmists worst exaggerations, and pay close attention to the author’s expressions of compassion for the victims… there aren’t any. But who cares about them, just as long as we can plug our agenda. At least most of the comments point out that this is BS. Unfortunately, however, this kind of nonsense will only get more frequent as the alarmist gravy train comes off the rails.

Read it here (if you must).

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