ABC's "Countdown to Copenhagen" – more hysteria

It’s a full alarmist rant, as you would expect. Of course, our national broadcaster has already made up its mind on climate change and that we have to turn the clock back to the Dark Ages in order to “tackle global warming”, so I really shouldn’t be surprised, but the bias is still breathtaking, even to me! Quotes from crackpots like James Hansen and David Karoly are strewn about with gay abandon, as are alarmist factoids that are treated as gospel. Here are a just a few examples:

A younger, passionate scientist argued that such niceties were not observed by climate change deniers and corporate opponents of greenhouse gas mitigation who regularly launched sweeping statements with no facts at all. Those campaigns were holding back vital, stronger political measures, he said. Wasn’t it time scientists spoke out more?

Many of them have. NASA scientist James Hansen is probably the best known. He’s even been arrested during an anti-coal mining protest. Less than a year ago I interviewed some of the world’s other leading climate scientists who live in Australia. Even then they were willing to describe how the pace of global warming had left them gobsmacked: “… many, many scientists now … are frantically, hysterically worried,” said Professor Ann Henderson-Sellers, the former head of the UN’s World Climate Research Program, now at Macquarie University.

From melting polar caps to acidifying oceans to increased frequency of drought, floods and bushfires, climate scientists have worked harder than ever this year to bridge the communication gap between what they know, what the rest of us think and what the politicians are doing. There are so many science updates lately that I’ve decided to provide a summary of some of the most significant in this blog each week.

Here’s one recent example from The New Scientist:

“BY 2055, climate change is likely to have warmed the world by a dangerous 4 deg C unless we stop pumping greenhouse gases into the atmosphere the way we do now. This is the startling conclusion of a study by the UK Met Office, unveiled at a conference in Oxford.

I’m contacting many of Australia’s most prominent [alarmist] climate scientists to hear directly how they’re feeling about their research, public advocacy and the likelihood of political success at Copenhagen in December. Already one of the most common themes in some early replies is the yawning gap between the science and proposed political responses. I’ll bring you their comments in greater detail next week.

It’s almost too funny for parody. I for one won’t be reading, and I strongly suggest you don’t either. This is the tragedy. As the planet cools, the hysteria gets worse, and the ABC is peddling it for all its worth to an unsuspecting public.

Read it here (if you really must).

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