Rudd: Australia will contribute to climate change fund

Yesterday it was global socialism in the EU, today in Australia, as Kevin Rudd confirms that Australia will contribute to a fund to help developing countries to help “tackle climate change”. Where do those dollars come from? Your pocket. Did you vote for that?

Mr Rudd also conceded a tough road lay ahead for negotiators at Copenhagen after German Chancellor Angela Merkel wrote off the chances of next month’s talks agreeing to a comprehensive successor to the Kyoto treaty. EU leaders agreed at the weekend to call for a global fund to total €100 billion ($161bn) by 2020 to pay developing countries to combat climate change, but failed to agree on how much money it was prepared to put into it.

Mr Rudd said yesterday Australia would play a role in helping to fund the project.

“Look, I have worked very closely with Chancellor Merkel in recent months on both climate change and a whole range of global financial challenges, and she is a strong and active contributor to trying to forge consensus for Copenhagen,” he said. “Negotiations are really tough, that is absolutely right, and I’ve been completely up front about that, and they’ll continue to be tough.”

On the subject of the fund, Mr Rudd said: “Australia, once a global agreement is shaped, would always be prepared to put forward its fair share. At this stage there’s no global agreement as to what long-term financing arrangements should underpin a deal at Copenhagen for emerging and developing economies.

And then of course there is the pious plea to the Opposition to pass the ETS:

“And I would appeal to all fair-minded Liberals, all fair-minded conservatives, that this is a national interest question which literally should transcend politics for the next 20, 30 and 50 years.”


Read it here.

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