Ban Ki-moon: no deal in Copenhagen

Even the UN is conceding that there is not a hope of a binding agreement in Copenhagen:

A LEGALLY binding agreement on cutting greenhouse gas emissions is no longer a realistic goal for next month’s Copenhagen summit on climate change, the UN Secretary-General says.

According to Ban Ki-moon, an agreement will not be signed next month, and the most likely outcome is voluntary reduction targets, which countries could announce but then ignore.

Several key countries were not ready to sign up to binding targets [including the US – Ed] and the best the world could hope for from the summit would be “political commitments“, Mr Ban said yesterday.

If political commitments is all that can be expected, please tell me again why Kevin Rudd and Penny Wong are pushing for binding emissions reductions when the rest of the world will be waiting to see what happens? But Mr Moon(bat) at least uses the opportunity to talk yet more nonsense about the climate:

Mr Ban suggested the target for limiting the global temperature increase to 2C above pre-industrial levels might have to be adjusted because it could still result in sea-level rises inundating many small islands.

“These small-island developing countries say it should be a maximum of 1.5C. For them, it’s a matter of life and death.”

Uh oh, here we go. Should have seen this coming. 2C isn’t enough anymore, we’re down to 1.5C. Next week it’ll be 1C, then zero … well you see where we’re going here. In any case, tell me again why reducing the target to 1.5C will stop islands sinking because of tectonic influences?

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