"Rich" are to blame for global warming

Life after Copenhagen…

Life after Copenhagen…

The climate nonsense comes thick and fast as we hurtle towards global oblivion at Copenhagen. And with headlines like the above, who would have possibly thought that somehow climate change has been hijacked by the global socialism movement? The politics of greed and envy laid bare:

In Australia, the poor are more likely to only own one car (or none at all), can rarely afford to fly overseas, are less likely to indulge in luxuries such as flat-screen TVs, spa baths, or perpetually heated swimming pools. The poor are in fact the least to blame for the state of the environment.

When was the last time you saw a homeless person burning fossil fuels and shattering the peace with a jet ski on the Murray River? When was the last time you noticed a beggar partying like there’s no tomorrow in the back seat of a Hummer stretch limousine in King Street?

No, those would be the behaviours reserved for those with more dollars than sense to burn.

As writer George Monbiot recently pointed out in The Guardian: “While there’s a weak correlation between global warming and population growth, there’s a strong correlation between global warming and wealth . . . It is the worst kind of paternalism, blaming the poor for the excesses of the rich.

So there we have it ladies and gentlemen: we should take our developed Western economies back to the Dark Ages, and all live like sub-Saharan Africans to save the planet. Rich = bad, poor = good. Developed economies = bad, third world = good. Capitalism = bad, socialism = good.

Read it here (where else, The Sydney Moonbat Herald)

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