Another day, another hysterical prediction

Unbelievable hype

Unbelievable hype

As we always knew, the stories are getting even more hysterical as we get closer to Copenhagen, and this is no exception, where the journalists clearly get a kick out of writing this sort of stuff, even producing a scary graphic (see right) :

THE world is spinning toward a catastrophic climate change scenario with temperatures now far more likely to rise by 6C by the end of the century, a leading international team of scientists warned.

An increase of 6C would have irreversible consequences, rendering large parts of the globe uninhabitable and destroying much of life on Earth.

The study by Professor Corinne Le Quere of the British Antarctic Survey and East Anglia University is the most comprehensive so far of how economic changes and shifts in the way people have used land over the past 50 years have affected CO2 concentration in the atmosphere.

It also claims the Earth’s natural ability to absorb CO2 into soil, forests and oceans is declining.

The nightmarish possibility of a 6C temperature rise was made public by the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change in 2007, when it was then only a worst-case scenario.

And then the inevitable:

Professor Le Quere said next month’s UN climate conference in Copenhagen had to come out with a clear and decisive global policy.

If the agreement is weak or the commitments not respected, it is not 2.5C or 3C we will get, it’s 5C or 6C, that is the path we’re on,” she said.

If scientists really believe that publishing such alarmism will make people believe what they are saying, they are sorely mistaken. It’s far more likely to do the opposite.

Read it here.

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