Government apply yet more ETS pressure

Get her face off my monitor…

Get her face off my monitor…

When will the Opposition finally say enough is enough? Here we have the playground bullies just taking the other kid’s sweets, when what the bully deserves is a smack. Penny Wong will have seen the credibility of the alarmist cause disappear up in smoke thanks to the CRU leaks [either that or she will be doing the “fingers-in-the-ears-and-shout-la-la-la” routine – Ed], and will be even more desperate to pass the legislation before people wise up:

The Federal Government will give the Opposition just two days to decide whether or not to vote for an amended emissions trading scheme.

Climate Change Minister Penny Wong says a deal on the scheme will be presented to the Opposition on Tuesday morning.

The Government wants a Senate vote on the scheme before Parliament adjourns for the year on Thursday night, but a bid last week to extend the sitting hours was rejected by all non-government senators.

Senator Wong has been negotiating amendments with the Opposition and she has told Channel Nine that the two are inching closer to a deal.

But every cloud has a silver lining. It dramatically increase the chance of a filibuster, so that this legislation can be sunk without the need for a vote.

Read it here.

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