Something to look forward to

They're welcome to it

They're welcome to it

South Korea will host the COP18 talks in 2012. Of course, by that time, the science of global warming will have been exposed as corrupt and flawed, the general public will realise that the climate system cannot be controlled by the CO2 dial, and hopefully people will have moved on to spending money on actual problems, like alleviating poverty and disease, rather than chasing shadows.

The South Korean President says his country will host global climate meetings in 2012, the last talks before obligations expire under the landmark Kyoto Protocol.

Lee Myung-Bak told Copenhagen that the meeting, known in UN jargon as a Conference of Parties (COP), would take place in South Korea in three years time.

“Korea is ready to contribute in opening up the post-2012 regime by hosting the COP 18 in 2012,” Mr Lee said.

The Kyoto Protocol requires wealthy nations to cut carbon dioxide emissions, blamed for global warming, until the end of 2012.

Nations are negotiating in Copenhagen on what action to take after 2012, but talks are bogged down by disputes with wealthy nations pushing for independent verification of developing state action against climate change.

All I can say is that I hope they’re as successful as COP15.

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