Rally in Canberra for Peter Spencer


Whilst Kevin Rudd sits and home and takes the credit for a children’s book about his pets written by someone else, Peter Spencer is into his 43rd day of hunger strike protesting against the confiscation of his land (without compensation) for use as a carbon sink, in order for Australia to meet its Kyoto obligations (see here for more stories on this).

More than 300 people have rallied outside Parliament House in Canberra in support of hunger-striking New South Wales farmer Peter Spencer.

Mr Spencer has spent 43 days without food on top of a tower on his property at Shannons Flat near Cooma, in protest against state laws which stop him from clearing vegetation on his land.

He wants the Commonwealth to compensate farmers whose land has been used as ‘carbon sinks’.

Nationals Senator Barnaby Joyce also addressed the crowd, calling for a Royal Commission into vegetation laws.

He said farmers across Australia have been unjustly divested of their land.

“It might have been legally possible but it was totally unjust,” he said.

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