Countdown with Penny Wong, the clock starts now

Tick tock

From The Australian. Penny Wong, the robotic climate change minister keeps resetting her internal clock:

The Climate Change Minister tells journalists on July 22 last year:

IN 22 days Malcolm Turnbull will have to show some leadership and be clear about what his party’s position is.

Wong on ABC Sydney 702 the next morning:

THE Liberal Party is in disarray on this issue and Mr Turnbull really needs to do something about it and he has got 21 days to do that.

Wong on August 3:

MR TURNBULL has 10 days to decide whether he is going to continue to be led by the climate change sceptics or whether he is going to show some leadership on this important issue.

The clock starts ticking again on October 15 as the minister issues a press release:

WITH less than 55 days to go before the climate change conference in Copenhagen, it is vital that all countries do as much as possible.

Wong in Copenhagen on December 17:

IN these next three days, we must seal the deal.

Yesterday, Wong hits the reset button and restarts the countdown:

MR Abbott has indicated he will provide a detailed and fully costed climate change policy by the time parliament resumes in February. That is just 21 days away.

Yawn. Time for a firmware update, Penny.

Read it here.

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