IPCC to be "independently reviewed"

How independent will it be?

Hmm. We’ll see. Let me guess, it will be an “independent” review stacked with climate alarmists (much like the IPCC itself, in fact) who will say the IPCC has done a fantastic job and if only filthy deniers would stop asking awkward questions and picking holes in our flawless data we could all get on with shutting down our developed economies and sending everyone back to the Dark Ages:

The world’s top climate science panel, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), is set for review by an independent board of scientists, a UN climate spokesman said.

The IPCC has been under fire since it was discovered one of its 2007 reports incorrectly predicted Himalayan glaciers could vanish by 2035. The figure should have been 2350. [And what about the other errors? And Climategate? And Pachauri’s conflicts of interest? The ABC conveniently forgets all those, of course – Ed]

Despite a resurgence of climate change scepticism [we’ve been here all along, it’s just that the media had all made up their minds and weren’t listening – Ed] because of the mistake, the UN says the IPCC’s fundamental claim that humans are causing dangerous climate change remains.

UN Environment Program (UNEP) spokesman Nick Nuttall, attending a conference in Bali, told reporters the panel would form part of a broader review of the IPCC to be announced next week.

“It will be [made up of] senior scientific figures – I can’t name who they are right now,” he said. [Can’t wait. Let me see: Mann, Hansen, Jones, Santer, Trenberth, Karoly, Pitman, Brook, Steffen, Flannery etc etc – Ed]

“It should do a review of the IPCC and produce a report by August, and there is a plenary of the IPCC in South Korea in October.

“The report will go there for adoption.”

He says member states are insisting on a fully independent panel, appointed from scientists outside of the IPCC.

The proof of the pudding and all that. I am yet to be convinced this won’t be just another whitewash.

Read it here.

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