US to legislate carbon cuts

Still desperately trying to wreck their economy for no environmental benefit, the Yanks are launching another cap-n-trade bill:

US senators on Wednesday unveiled a long-awaited plan on climate change, proposing to cut emissions 17 per cent by 2020 off 2005 levels through regulation of power, industry and transportation.

“We can finally tell the world that America is ready to take back our role as the world’s clean energy leader,” said Senator John Kerry, a Democrat from Massachusetts and close ally of President Barack Obama.

After months of fine-tuning, Kerry and independent Senator Joe Lieberman proposed a bill that would put the onus on heavy industry and power plants to cut carbon emissions, which scientists blame for global warming.

Read it here. And to understand just how pointless it all is:

The global temperature “savings” of the Kerry-Lieberman bill is astoundingly small—0.043°C (0.077°F) by 2050 and 0.111°C (0.200°F) by 2100. In other words, by century’s end, reducing U.S. greenhouse gas emissions by 83% will only result in global temperatures being one-fifth of one degree Fahrenheit less than they would otherwise be. That is a scientifically meaningless reduction. (source)

In other words, barely measurable with a thermometer.

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