Flannel from Flannery: Rudd betrayed trust on ETS

More flannel than a pair of pyjamas

The environmental journos at the Sydney Morning Herald would print Tim Flannery’s farts if they could only work out how to spell them, such is the awe in which this rent-a-quote global warming advocate is held. Calling Flannery an “internationally renowned climate expert” is an insult to climate experts (and we know how highly regarded they are). But he’s a climate hysteric, so that’s good enough for the Moonbat Herald, which has already made up its mind on climate change and will print any old alarmist rubbish that flops limply on to the environment desk:

An internationally renowned climate expert has savaged Prime Minister Kevin Rudd for a “profound betrayal of trust” on climate change.

Tim Flannery, a former Australian of the Year [grovel, grovel, smarm, smarm], said he was unlikely to vote Labor again after Mr Rudd shelved plans for an emissions trading scheme.

“It’s a profound betrayal of the person I voted for,” Professor Flannery told AAP at a conference in Canberra.

“Politicians only have one thing that they trade in, which is trust … unfortunately my trust in the party’s been corroded.”

Like we care?

Prof Flannery is a scientist and author who is heavily involved in international efforts to tackle global warming. [Wikipedia says paleontologist and mammalogist, but hey, we only worry about qualifications when we’re talking about sceptics, right?]

As fresh data showed Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions are rising again after dipping during the financial crisis, Prof Flannery berated Australia for being a “wooden spooner” on climate change.

He accused both major parties of a failure of political leadership, but said the problem went deeper.

The political system was captive to big business and dominated by old men. [Please stop, my aching sides will surely split]

“They seem to have a fossilised mindset … not all the fossils are in the ground,” the 2007 Australian of the Year [again?] told a green business conference in Parliament House.

Sycophantic, nauseating tripe.

Don’t bother reading it here.

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