CRU/UEA breached Freedom of Information rules

Eco-bullying won't work here

Impeccable timing! Released on the same day as Muir Russell’s almost-whitewash which cleared CRU of just about everything, a decision of the UK’s Information Commissioner has found in favour of David Holland against the University of East Anglia, for failing to provide access to documents requested under the Act. Isn’t that one of the things that Russell was supposed to be investigating?

46. The Commissioner’s decision is that the public authority [the University of East Anglia] did not deal with some of the requests in accordance with the requirements of the EIR [Environmental Information Regulations] in the following respects:

  • it failed to provide a refusal within 20 working days in respect of the request of 31 March 2008 and therefore breached regulation 14(2); and
  • it failed to provide responses in respect of the requests of 27 June and 31 July 2008 and therefore breached regulation 5(2).

And more importantly, the Commissioner notes:

The wider circumstances of this case, in particular the placement of a substantial number of emails allegedly from CRU onto the internet, has attracted considerable attention (November 2009). The emails suggested that some requests for information were considered an imposition, that attempts to circumvent the legislation were considered and that the ethos of openness and transparency the legislation seeks to promote were not universally accepted. This is of considerable concern to the Commissioner and in keeping with his duty to promote observance of the legislation he will now consider whether further action is appropriate to secure future compliance.

Read the decision here. (h/t WUWT)

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