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Add it to your “bog” roll

I recently came across this site, which is an excellent libertarian blog sporting James Delingpole as one of its writers. There are some very entertaining posts appearing on climate, and I would highly recommend paying them a visit.

A couple of recent examples to whet the appetite. Firstly, on conspiracies – highly relevant given Lewandowsky and Cook’s recent papers:

One of the more recent examples of this delusion [that they are “impeccably reasonable folk”] is the Left’s reaction to global warming ‘deniers’, who are accused of facilitating a corporate plot to destroy the planet. Bogpaper’s own James Delingpole is continually described as a shill for Big Oil by hysterical greens; but you don’t have to be a high-profile critic of the environmental movement to provoke its wrath. Anyone who dares to question the end-is-nigh ‘consensus’ is liable to be branded an unwitting collaborator in the capitalist conspiracy.

In the words of Mad Men’s Don Draper, “There is no big lie. There is no system. The universe is indifferent.” Business isn’t out to get you, because it’s easier and more profitable just to give you what you want. Besides, conspiracies require the ability to work beyond the reach of public accountability – a luxury that is hard to come by in the marketplace, where customers are free to walk away at any time. It’s true that corporations are dangerous when they cosy up to the state, but that’s not capitalism, it’s cronyism; and it’s the state that poses the threat in that relationship, not the business that curries favour with it. Government agencies and other unaccountable institutions provide the perfect hiding place for those with dark ambitions. They’re the ones we should be afraid of.

And the regular satirical column, Marx on Mondays, this week on the subject of the IPCC:

Last week when parts of the IPCC’s much heralded “Climate Change Report” were leaked to the press I, as much as any liberal, found myself despairing at some of its findings. No global warming for 16 years; record levels of sea ice; so many polar bears that the UN was proposing a humane cull to limit their numbers; no extreme weather conditions like hurricanes and typhoons – and – worst of all – the computer forecasts were wrong and there was no global warming! I felt like I did when as a child I found out that there was no Santa Claus!

Thank goodness, therefore, for the IPCC – the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. When I was a young boy I remember going to the theatre to see Peter Pan. I, along with the rest of the children, became very upset when Tinkerbell was dying, but Peter Pan saved her life by encouraging the audience to chant along with him, “I do – I do – I do believe in fairies.”

And in like fashion the scientists of the IPCC, when faced with the evidence of their own scientific research that Global Warming was the stuff of fairy tales, simply stood in a circle, held hands and chanted, “we do – we do – we do believe in Global Warming.” And miraculously, just like Tinkerbell, Global Warming was brought back to life.

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