Barry Brook: Australia needs nuclear power

The way ahead for Australia

The way ahead for Australia

Professor Barry Brook has been a favourite of these pages for his relentless alarmism about the “climate crisis”. However, today he talks sense  – about the need for nuclear power in Australia. The UK announced recently the construction of 10 new nuclear power plants by 2025, yet Australia, despite having enormous uranium deposits, and despite being desperate to reduce emissions, steadfastly refuses to embrace nuclear power generation:

The British Government said the nuclear expansion would address climate change and ensure there was always enough power in the country.

Professor Barry Brook, the Sir Hubert Wilkins professor of climate change at the University of Adelaide’s Environment Institute, says Australia should follow suit.

In an opinion piece for AdelaideNow, Professor Brook says “nuclear power is the only proven electricity generation technology that can simultaneously meet reliable baseload demand, anywhere, and yet emit no carbon dioxide when operating.”

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