Rudd the autograph hunter

Please Mr Obama!

Please Mr Obama!

Look where Barack Obama is, and there you’ll find our lap-dog Prime Minister, hanging on to the One’s coat-tails. So it’s no surprise that Rudd has changed his Copenhagen plans in response to Obama’s change of plan.

KEVIN Rudd has shelved plans for an early dash to Copenhagen after US President Barack Obama said he was not going until the late stages of the climate change conference, in the hope of closing a deal.

The White House announced over the weekend that Mr Obama would push back his visit to the conference until its final day, putting him in a better position to help broker an agreement.

Mr Rudd, who had the RAAF on standby for a snap trip to Denmark, will now attend the late stages of the conference.

Yesterday, a spokeswoman for Mr Rudd confirmed the Prime Minister had considered travelling to Copenhagen early, but said by Friday night it had been resolved Mr Rudd would attend during the final stages of the talks along with more than 100 heads of government.

It’s a great look for Australia abroad, you have to admit…

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Obama: delusional optimism over Copenhagen


Walks on water as a party trick

Part of President Obama’s Messiah complex is that it brings on delusions which makes him believe that he can single-handedly save the world, or in this case, raise a binding deal at Copenhagen from the dead. This is despite the fact that there is absolutely no hope of such a deal, and they’ve just chucked the 200-page draft treaty in the dumpster. But The Australian swallows it, resurrecting Obama’s vacuous campaign slogan at the same time:

Yes we can: climate hopes revived

CHINA and the US last night resuscitated hopes for a binding deal at next month’s Copenhagen climate change talks after President Barack Obama said the two countries had agreed to aim for a comprehensive accord to take “immediate operational effect”.

Mr Obama said after talks with Mr Hu in Beijing that the countries had agreed “to work toward a successful outcome in Copenhagen”.

“Our aim there is . . . not a partial accord or a political declaration, but rather an accord that covers all the issues in the negotiations and one that has immediate operational effect,” he said.

I don’t know what Obama knows that we don’t, but this just isn’t going to happen.

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Copenhagen deal "impossible"

Maldives: nothing to do with climate change - it's sinking

Maldives: nothing to do with climate change - it's sinking

More from the UK Telegraph which reports that Copenhagen will, like most other climate talks, be a damp squib:

The UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen in December has been billed as the world’s last chance to stop global warming. But negotiations soon broke down because the US refused to sign up to targets on cutting greenhouse gas emissions.

The deadlock has forced world leaders at a summit in Singapore to step in and admit that any deal this year will be little more than a “political agreement”.

However they insisted that a legally-binding treaty will be thrashed out by the end of 2010 and even suggested a timetable and deadline to ensure negotiations stay on track.

The new “two-step” plan, put forward by the Danes, increases pressure on President Obama to attend the talks in Copenhagen and reassure the world that the US is serious about tackling climate change.

It also gives the world a chance to rescue the Copenhagen summit from certain failure by giving lawyers more time to work on a hugely complex international deal.

So remind me, why is Australia desperate to get a legally binding ETS in place before Copenhagen, when other countries will only be subjecting themselves to a political agreement?

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