Australia needs nuclear power – Switkowski – UPDATED

It certainly does if the Rudd government goes ahead with it’s mad “carbon pollution reduction scheme”, yet that same government opposes nuclear power. You would have thought that given their conviction that global warming is real and dangerous, that it’s the biggest crisis facing civilisation in the history of the planet, and we need to “do something” urgently, they would be prepared to move on from the clichéd “Nuclear Power? No thanks” response of the eco-warriors of yore. But it appears not.

The Opposition, on the other hand, are at least considering the nuclear option – which makes a great deal of sense in a country with such vast reserves of Uranium. It seems a no-brainer, but unfortunately, brains is something the Rudd government lacks…

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UPDATE – And, guess what, Penny Wong has immediately hit back and confirmed that she believes renewable energy is a better option for power generation than nuclear.

“We are abundantly blessed with renewable resources and we believe it is far more appropriate, far better for us, to be investing in developing the technology to utilise and commercialise our renewable energy rather than going down the nuclear path.”

We’re abundantly blessed with Uranium as well… Typical head-in-sand politics that we have come to expect from Rudd & Co.

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