Wong – it's Kangaroo-gate

W(r)ong again…

Climate Change Minister Penny Wong goes into reverse gear to try and rescue the Government’s AGW agenda from “Kangaroo-gate”. As you will have seen in previous posts, the reaction to Prof Garnaut’s suggestion that we abandon beef and lamb because of their methane emissions and eat kangaroo instead (because they don’t fart so much) has been universally negative. Penny Wong said:

“The media made the whole issue more colourful than it was actually meant to be.”

Of course, when it all goes horribly wrong it’s the fault of the media… She also said:

“I don’t think that our response to climate change is driven by telling people what to eat.”

Interesting, because everything else about the entire climate change bandwagon in Australia is telling people what to do, whether it is what form of transport they should use, which form of energy they should use, what light globes to use in their houses, etc. etc. Why not what they should eat as well? Left-leaning governments like ours love nothing more than telling people what to do and how they should spend their money (usually spending it for them in the form of excessive taxation), and the hysteria of “global warming” is a perfect opportunity to do that in spades.

And to finish off, she throws in her trademark error of calling CO2 “carbon pollution”. Penny, for the umpteenth time, (1) it’s Carbon Dioxide, and (2) it’s NOT POLLUTION!!!

Read it here.

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